First half of May

It's been a very dreary May with lots and lots of rain but at least we have cute umbrellas to brighten the gloom!

I love peeking in at my sleeping girls, Mattie especially is such a funny sleeper.

One morning Bryan and I were trying to buy a little more time in bed but our early birds were begging for breakfast.  I somehow convinced Jilly to get breakfast for us and she did an excellent job toasting waffles and setting the dining room table.  That girl is a gem.

I love this little painting Jilly did- it's an ocean full of fish

I taught Jilly how to vacuum and you better believe I'm going to capitalize on this time when she thinks it's really fun.

Mattie's cute new dress from Gigi for her birthday.  Thanks to hand-me-downs from Jilly and a few new things, Mattie has 12 church dresses and 21 play dresses in her closet.  And she still has a hard time choosing what to wear every day!

Bryan and the girls really spoiled me on Mother's Day.  They made breakfast and gave me cards, let me have a relaxing afternoon after church, and made dinner.  I asked Bryan to make a chocolate cheesecake for dessert, which was not very nice of me because we didn't get home from our trip to Natural Bridge until Saturday evening.  After 3 different trips to the store and a lot of work in the kitchen the cheesecake looked beautiful.  But when we took a bite, it tasted a little different than the last time we had it and Bryan realized he had forgotten to add the sugar!  Haha, better luck next time.

Mattie asked me to take a picture of her and never would I say no to a cute face like that.

This shows A. how many pink/purple/princessy things we own and B. the girls' new favorite activity- to collect all the cozy things in the house then play family, doctor, or just read books.  Oh, the messes they make!

Jilly's half birthday.  Don't worry, I gave her the other half of the donut too!

Ballet picture day

Jilly's ballet recital was last weekend and it was excellent.  She was so brave and went right out on stage and did a great job.  I hadn't been to a dance recital in years and was surprised at how much I enjoyed being back, and Mattie was mesmerized.  Bryan was a great sport, it was a 3+ hour recital and surely not his favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  And my mom and Bethany were so, so nice to come all the way up just to watch Jilly.  She loved having them there.


Shauna said...

I was vacuuming today while Peyton had a couple friends over and they ended up fighting over who got to vacuum. I guess we're missing something. Also, I love that ballet costume!