Spring Break

We were so lucky to have Bryan's brother Chad and his wife Kylie come visit us for Spring Break.  They reminded us how many great places there are around us to explore.

Day 1 - Washington D.C.
We had a picnic, saw the highlights of the Natural History Museum, walked down the National Mall to see all the monuments, then walked along the Tidal Basin to see the magnificent cherry blossoms.  By the end of the day the crowds were insane and we waited in line for the restroom for over an hour, but we ended with yummy ice cream cones.  On the way home Chad introduced us to real Japanese Ramen at Sakuramen.  We ate in the car because it was already 8:30pm and the girls were toast.  It was such a fun day in the Capital City.


Kylie took these next two pictures; I love how they capture the girls' personalities this day - crazy Mattie and sweet Jilly


^ Mattie carried this stick around for a while then decided it was a flute that she played for the rest of the day

Day 2 - Easter (more on that to come!)

Day 3 - Inner Harbor
If you come to B-More, there's a 99% chance we'll take you to our two favorite places- the Aquarium and Shake Shack.


^ Of all the animals at the aquarium I only got one picture- of the ugliest fish!

Day 3 - Chad and Kylie explored D.C. again on their own while the girls and I chilled at home and got caught up on laundry

Day 4 - Harper's Ferry
Bryan took Wednesday off so after the boys went for a bike ride in the morning we headed out to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.  It was a beautiful day to walk around this fun historical town and have another picnic.

Day 5 - Cylburn Arboretum
We had another picnic (I got pretty good at packing up a lunch for all of us!) and enjoyed the blooming daffodils and mansion.  I love when there are free parks like this in the middle of a city.  That afternoon I took the girls home for naps and Chad and Kylie explored a few more museums in Baltimore.  After the kids were in bed that night Kylie and I went to Sofi's Crepes to pick up a treat.

Day 6 - Dutch Market
I can't believe I didn't take any pictures, but we ate a yummy lunch and then brought our favorite donuts home.  It was supposed to be a rainy day, but the storm held off til the evening and we had a really fun afternoon relaxing in the backyard.  Jillian played with Piper, their dog, and even ran through the sprinkler!  That night Chad and Kylie were so nice to let Jilly plan a fancy night.  We found accessories for everyone (Bryan is the best dad ever and came down with a tie on all on his own!) and played the Cupcake game, ate parfaits, and then watched the Frozen short movie.  It was a great way to end their fun visit.  

Come back soon Chad and Kylie!