I feel like March just barely started, but in reality we've passed St. Patrick's Day and it's nearly Easter!  

The girls LOVE sitting in the cart together at Costco.  On this visit they kept yelling "Sisters Forever!" and a man asked me if they were twins.

Bryan took Jilly to a basketball game one Saturday morning so Mattie and I painted nails.  She wanted to paint mine and they turned out beautifully.

Pajama day at Preschool

End of the day snuggles

I'm often busy Saturday nights getting ready for singing time on Sunday but this Saturday night Bryan was busy working on his lesson for the 12-13 year old boys.  He even laminated some quotes for them!

I made this dress for Jillian when she was two and I remember having to hide it so she wouldn't wear it every single day.  Now it's Mattie's size and she's been known to pull it out of her laundry basket to wear for a second or third day in a row.

"While you put the groceries away I'm going to pretend to be the mom and drive to California!"

Spaghetti night.  Not sure how sauce ended up all the way under her eye!

I got to babysit my sweet nephew for a bit while my sister helped my friend with her taxes (win-win-win!)  

One Friday night my plans weren't up to Jilly's expectations so she took matters into her own hands.  She requested pizza, a princess movie, and parfaits to finish off the night.  I handled the pizza and luckily for these girls they have the very best dad who can whip up some mean parfaits.

Springtime at the park!

This boy (who is 6 feet tall!) turned 12 and his mom took this picture on his last Sunday in Primary.  I look like the child up there, and I'm wearing 3 inch heels!

Picnic at the Park!  And we got a stamper at the doctor's office and Mattie proceeded to cover herself with stamps which kind of made her look diseased.

Mattie fell asleep on the couch one afternoon (never ever happens!) and Jilly thought she looked just like Snow White

The lady we bought our house from left this plant, which was just a single leaf until a few weeks ago when it suddenly started growing quickly and now has these beautiful flowers.  We did some research and learned it's an amaryllis.

These daffodils popped up during our warm December and I was worried they wouldn't make it through cold January and February but they did and now we have yellow daffodils blooming every day.  We LOVE watching their progress.

I Spy books are all the rage at our house and thank goodness the library is well-stocked because we fly through them.

Green pancakes on St. Patrick's Day

Thanks to generous Grandmas, we have amassed quite a collection of bunnies.  I keep them boxed up for most of the year and the girls are always so excited when they come out of hiding along with all the easter eggs and baskets.  Easter is such a great holiday.

A little taste of March in the mid-atlantic.  The weather is kind of schizophrenic but it definitely makes things exciting!  Yesterday my girls spent the afternoon jumping on our neighbor's trampoline in bare feet and today it snowed all afternoon!


Lisa said...

Too much to comment on!
Love Mattie's dress that you made for Jilly! I remember Jilly wearing that.
The amaryllis is beautiful! I can't seem to keep plants alive so I am super impressed.
Love the sibling bonding that happens in Costco carts. :)
Jilly's Friday night plans are pretty impressive. You're so great to make them happen!
Basically, you're just a great mom overall.