Bryan had a work trip down to North Carolina last week so we decided to head down to Richmond while he was gone (I'm a wimp and am 0% interested in any single parenting experience.)  We had the best week with my family, and it didn't hurt that the weather was sunny and beautiful.

We spent most of the time playing outside- on the swings, trampoline, tree house, riding bikes and scooters, and drawing with chalk

Panda Express- Jilly's chopstick skills were impressive.

The girls LOVED trying on my wedding dress 

We went to Meadow Farm where the sheep were just wandering around.  Jilly tried so hard to pet one but they're deceptively fast.  

Maymont - We thought it stayed open til 6pm but found out when we arrived at 4:15 that the park closes at 5!  So we didn't get to see most of the park (and a certain five year old was devastated about this.)  But, because it was nearly dinner time the animals were all out and easy to find, which was unusual and very fun.  

Many games of Uno and Jenga.  Mattie was shockingly very good at Jenga.  I'm not sure that can be said about very many two-year-olds. 

Krispy Kreme donuts on Saturday morning before basketball games.  We cheered Beth and Ty to victories then left that night.  It was a great trip and we're SO grateful to have family just a few hours down the road.


Shauna said...

I'm totally with you - I have no interest in being a single parent and Rog better never ever have to travel because we are going to be so far away from family in Oregon! Also, those donuts are the cutest!