Friday Five

ONE - The weather on Saturday was ah-mazing.  While I was at a baby shower Bryan took the girls on a scooter ride at the park then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the backyard and on our porch with the back door open.  Spring, you're welcome here any time! (Can you see our last tiny patch of snow in this picture?)

TWO -  On Monday I found these two cuddled up and totally asleep at 6:07pm.  Not sure what's  more exhausting- a full day of work or 2.5 hours of preschool but they were both toast.  

THREE - My girls love reading Pinkalicious: Crazy Hair Day and one day while we were getting ready Mattie insisted on a hair style like Pinkalicious (in the book Pinkalicious has a fancy hairdo like Marie Antoinette.)  I did her hair a few different ways but she kept saying "Nooooooo, I want a hair STYLE!"  Finally, I put it in a pony tail with a big flower and she deemed that acceptable.  Jilly also decided she needed fancy hair so she made a headband with a variety of bows.  I let her wear it to the gym and she caused quite a scene.  

FOUR - Mattie is at the stage where she wants to dress herself.  I'm all about self-sufficiency but right now it takes soooooo long, it's kind of painful.  Ah, two year olds.  (Also pictured, the paint sample on my wall that will hopefully be the color of the whole room someday soon.  I've never managed to decorate our bedroom in any of our houses and I'm determined to finally do it here!)

FIVE - I spent a good part of this week ignoring all my responsibilities and reading The Lake House.  It was excellent.

Happy Weekend!


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Okay seriously, I don't know if it's the heels or what but Mattie looks so old in that last photo! And love the pic of Bryan and Jilly sleeping. :) And Jilly's flower hair--so precious.