heard lately

Mattie: (whenever Bryan and I are talking and she isn't following) Slow down, slow down guys

After Jilly got dressed all by herself
R: You look pretty
J: I know, I spent a lot of time looking at myself in the mirror this morning

J: Mom, I have to tell you something really important.  The earth must be really strong to hold up all the people and all the roads and all the buildings.

In the gas station getting a drink for me, but mean mom won't let the girls get anything
M: But mom, there are all the things I like in there!

After explaining to Jilly how to sort laundry-
J: (looking at her un-sorted laundry and then pointing at Bryan's) So are these the pretty colors, and those the not pretty colors?

Every night Jilly tells us a happy thing and a sad thing from that day-
J: (tearing up) My sad thing is that I can't think of a sad thing tonight!

Jilly runs to me crying
R: What happened?
J: I bonked!
R: What did you bonk?
J: I can't remember!

M: I want to take off my socks
R: Why?
M: Because they're angry
R: Why are the angry?
M: Because they're medium
R: Right....

Jilly trying to help Mattie say a prayer but Mattie keeps whispering instead of talking loud enough for us to hear
J: Mom, will you help her?  She is stressing me

Watching tv-
Jennifer Garner: What's in your wallet?
Jilly: I don't have a wallet!

(during Family Night)
Bryan: What are good things to do on Sunday?
Jilly: puppy monkey baby, puppy monkey baby

Just dropped Jilly off at a friend's house-
R: Just Mattie and me, I'm so lucky
M: I'm not lucky


Shauntel said...

"I'm not lucky." 😂 hahahaha. I love that age so much!