Friday Five

1. The girls had dentist appointments this week and by some miracle they've decided they love the dentist and are extremely cooperative.  Jilly even had her first x-rays, which still make me gag, but she did amazing.  Hip hip hooray

2. We got to babysit this sweet little girl for a night and my girlies were in heaven.

3. We had a talent show at church last weekend and though we didn't share any talents on stage our cookies did win third place.  I used this recipe, which is my new favorite.  

4.  Nana sent the girls a Valentine's package that had stick-on earrings, which were a HUGE hit with the girls.  They love choosing a pair to wear every morning and Mattie says "I look like a mom!"

5. We had a fun Snow Day this week.  We only got a few inches but in Baltimore that means everything shuts down (except Bryan's company, boo.)  But the rest of us had a fun day snuggling at home.  In the afternoon I found the girls surrounded by all their sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets looking at our old photo albums together.  


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

That last picture is so precious! You've created such a happy, beautiful home for your girls. <3