Six on Saturday

ONE | This week has been extra busy to the tune of "Primary Program Prep" and "Rachel decided to empty out and paint the playroom" but we've still managed to squeeze in some fun.  

TWO |  I've noticed that Jilly is seeming extra tired ever since preschool started (we're in huge trouble for full day kindergarten next year.)  I've been trying to slow down our mornings before preschool so she's not running around all day.  We've had lots of morning playdates, which is a fun distraction for Mattie but not too exhausting for Jilly.

THREE | Sunday evening cookie delivery, dress code: as much pink as possible

FOUR | Bryan wanted to watch all the original Star Wars so we requested them from the library.  They all came together in a case so we have one week til they're all due back.  We're 2 down, 1 to go and I'm kind of reeling that Darth Vader doesn't actually say "Luke, I am your father."  

FIVE | Halloween is here!  It's never been my favorite holiday, but I must admit that I'm liking it a little more every year.  My girls have to see and try on all the costumes at all the stores.  They're still debating costume options and I'm reallyreallyreally hoping I can convince them to choose something from our extensive collection of dress-up.

SIX | Mattie caught a nasty cold this week so we mostly stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday, but it was the first day of Fall and we desperately needed some holiday cheer so we ran out to get some mums.  Mattie told me the whole way "I just so tired mommy" so I kind of felt like the worst mom ever but once we came home and she got a nice long nap Mattie was doing much better and our porch now makes me so happy.