Little girls, little girls

Night and day I eat, sleep, and breathe them

Jilly: What are we doing tomorrow?
Rachel: Going on a hike
Jilly: So... what am I going to wear tomorrow?
Bryan: Oh brother

The girls were playing house underneath the dining room table and both bonked their heads within a few seconds of each other.
Mattie, through hysterical tears: we both crying, we both crying
Rachel: what else is new?

Nearly 90% of our conversations are about birthdays- birthday party plans and birthday cakes and birthday wish lists.  The other day Jilly realized something
J: Mom, you're going to have to remember what I want for my birthday because I won't be able to remind you, okay?
R: Okay, I got it
Clearly she didn't trust me because now she quizzes me on her wish list.

Their favorite game of late is to yell "Crocadile!!!" and run away from an imaginary predator.  Happily I've convinced them that our couch is a boat that will keep us safe so I can stay on my lazy perch.  Both girls have nightmares about crocodiles, and they've finally gotten to me; I had a crocodile dream of my own the other night.

After nearly 2 months in this house we finally bought Mattie a new dresser (her clothes had been in a box in her room.)  We loaded the dresser in the car then started buckling the girls in their seats when Mattie burst into tears.
Mattie: Where's my dresser?  Where's my dresser?
And that's when I realized she thought dresser meant a new dress.

We finally have a good system in the mornings.  Jilly wakes up who-knows-how-early but she's good about making a little bed for herself in my room or quietly looking at books for a while (one morning I had Design Mom: How to live with Kids on my nightstand and she looked through the whole book before I woke up and was excited to show me her favorite pages.)  Bryan and Mattie take turns waking up first, usually sometime between 6:30 and 7.  Mattie will often call to me from her crib and the other day I woke up to a little voice calling "Rachel, Rachel, I'm awake Rachel!"


Janssen said...

I love them. Why don't you guys move to Arizona and be my neighbors?

Shauna said...

Love this! And it reminds me, I need to be better about writing down the funny things my kids say!