After much anticipation, Jilly finally started preschool this week.  There was supposed to be a parents' meeting Tuesday night but all schools were closed early because of the high heat and humidity (some schools don't have A/C.)  So, no parents meeting.  On Wednesday we were supposed to have a modified class that was only an hour and parents were invited, but again, schools were closed early and since Jilly's class is in the afternoon that meant it was canceled again.  I was anticipating this since it was just as hot and humid on Wednesday as Tuesday, but we still had gotten ready and taken pictures just in case she did get to go to preschool.  Jilly was bummed, but took it well.  

So today (Friday) we finally got to go to preschool!  Parents were invited and I loved getting to see Jilly's amazing teachers, classroom, and all the cute kids in her class.  The classroom has quite an impressive collection of dress-up and of course that's all Jilly can talk about.  I'm really excited for this year and all the great things it will bring.  

Mattie played at a friend's house and when we picked her up she ran to me for a hug while Jilly was running to Mattie for a hug so of course they collided and both ended up in confusion and tears.  I was laughing so hard.  We stopped for a celebratory treat from Sonic and everyone ended up happy.  Happy first day of preschool sweet Jilly!

^ Yesterday at JoAnns we found this cute fabric and Jilly convinced me to make a little skirt and bow for her.  I wish my clothes were as cute and easy to make! 


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Adorable!!! Look as her sassy hand-on-hip. So grown up! <3