friday five

one | We are becoming Friday night regulars at Prigel Creamery.  The ice cream is delicious and the scenery doesn't get much better than this.  

two | Last year we were Baltimore rookies and went apple picking in late September.  It was fun to go when it felt a little more fall-ish, but the real time to go is right now when the Honey Crisp apples are in season.  Jilly made sure to wear a red dress to match the apples, Mattie didn't stop munching the whole morning, and we've all been enjoying the big bag of tasty apples in our fridge.

three | On Saturday evening we went to our first Baltimore Crab Feast.  Each family brought $10 and a side and we all feasted on crabs.  At one point Jilly came to get my phone and brought it back to me full of cute little pictures that she and her friends had taken.  I'm lame and didn't get any pictures of the actual crabs, but I did take a picture of the crabby cookies, of which Mattie ate 3.  It was a perfect night of good friends and good food.  

four | We took our friend Myles with us to the Baltimore Zoo on Tuesday.  He was so excited to see the polar bear, he talked nonstop about it.  It was a super duper hot day and I've been told it's hard to find the polar bear even on a nice day so I was really worried the whole trip would be a bust.  But as we walked up to the polar bear exhibit he was right there.  It was a little Myles miracle.  Also, the map was second only to the polar bear in excitement.  

five | We're s l o w l y getting all set up in our house.  After waiting nearly 6 weeks our couch finally arrived (we ordered online instead of buying in store and saved about $500, so it was worth the wait) and it's the best purchase we've ever made.  A few days later our rug arrived and it's so nice to finally have a comfortable room to relax in.


Kylie Martinez said...

Apples! I hope you made some yummy pie with those apples. Also, I love your rug.