friday five

one. Ever since Mattie's ear infection last week she hasn't been sleeping well at all.  She wakes up multiple times a night and cries unless I hold her.  It always takes her a while to fall back asleep which means I've spent hours rocking her in the night.  It's hard to make her just cry it out because she screams so loud and our walls are super thin- I get so anxious that she's keeping our neighbors up all night long as well.  It's a darn good thing she's cute!

two.  Because I've been up so much in the night Bryan has let me sleep in every morning.  He'll get the girls breakfast and set them up watching a show when he leaves for work so I can sleep for a bit longer.  A few mornings I've woken up before the girls came up to get me and it's fun to hear them downstairs by themselves.  Jilly turns into such a little mommy taking care of Mattie.  Also, how great is this outfit she came up with?  Bryan calls it "polka dots on polka dots on polka hearts."

three. I hardly ever buy cereal because it's just not our favorite breakfast.  We usually have frozen waffles, eggs, or oatmeal.  This week I did buy cereal and it turns out Mattie is a big fan.  She ate her cereal, drank all her milk, then grabbed my bowl to finish off my milk- something I normally would think is disgusting but when you have day-old piggies and rainbow jammies you can get away with anything.

four. Jillian is taking a ballet class at the Y and this week they had a little recital.  They danced the Cupid Shuffle which was hilarious because how many four-year-olds do you know that can tell their left from their right?  There were lots of colliding dancers.  Her sweet teacher, Miss Abril, has only boys so she always says "these are my girls!" and she made them each a little tutu for the show.  Jilly loves hers so much she insisted on wearing it to bed.

five. We went to Old Navy this week which is just about my girls' favorite store because they get to play with their best friend, the dog.  All of the summer clothes and swimsuits were out so when we got home I let them try on their swimsuits and then they pretended my bed was a beach.  If only... 

Happy Weekend!!