five on friday

1.  Between Jilly's surgery, a cold for Mattie, and the stomach flu for me we've spent a lot of time at home this week.  I think there will be permanent imprints on our couch from all the hours we've spent sitting there watching Disney Junior.  You know it's really bad when Jilly says, "Mom, we've watched A LOT of shows today." 

2.  Right now my hair is the longest it's been in my entire life.  I'm trying to catch up to Jilly who insists she won't cut her hair til it's as long as Rapunzel's, which is clearly the best idea I've ever heard....  Anyway, for Christmas I got a curling wand and it's taken 6 weeks of trial and error and lots of burned fingers but I think I've finally figured out how to use it and I'm loving how quick and easy it is to curl my hair.

3. Over the weekend we went to Five Guys and grabbed some chicken nuggets for the girls from the McDonalds nextdoor.  I'm not sure how many they each ate, but between the two of them my girls ate 18 chicken nuggets.  Now that is something to be proud of.

4. Mattie is starting to pick up on colors.  We'll be getting her dressed and I'll say "how about this (pink) shirt?" and she'll say "No, I want pink!!"' and hand me a blue shirt.

5. Jilly is my little Valentine's Day protege.  All month she's been telling me "I just think we need more decorations!"  And I've told her "Have you been to anyone's house that has more decorations than ours?"  She's also been hard at work making cards for all our family and friends.

I hope you have the most lovely Valentine's Day!  I'm kind of sad that our major health breakdown happened right before my favorite holiday, but I'm determined to celebrate- even if we have to keep Valentines-ing past the 14th!


Shauna said...

Bummer you all have been sick before your favorite holiday! We have been sick with a cold at our house, so I feel your pain.

I know so many girls who won't cut their hair because of Rapunzel. Whenever we tell Peyton her hair is getting long, she says, "Like Rapunzel!"

Erick and Megan said...

Lovin ur long hair! And my curling wand changed my (hair) life! Glad u discovered one!