a snowy weekend

We had yet another weekend full of winter weather.  But this snow was so, so much better because Bryan was home and we were all healthy!  It started snowing around noon on Saturday and it came down and down- we got about 6 inches that afternoon, which was more than they had predicted.  Later in the afternoon we headed out to the hill at the end of our street armed with a sled and the fun parent.  

It was really hard to walk because the snow was so deep (six new inches on top of the 3ish inches from earlier in the week) so Bryan rigged up this sleigh for Jilly.  It looked kind of painful to me, but she loved it.  The hill was perfect- not too big and not too small and right next to a set of stairs so there was no struggling up the hill.  Mattie went down once with Bryan but she wasn't really into the cold so she and I didn't last too long.  But Jilly and Bryan had a great time sledding down the hill; and I was so happy to see how brave she was becoming.

Through the night it warmed up a bit so the snow turned to freezing rain which turned into ice everywhere.  Our church was canceled for the second week in a row.  They didn't make the decision until later in the morning so I had the girls in their dresses ready to go- of course!  But my girls love getting dressed up for church so they probably would have wanted to wear their dresses all day anyway.  Sunday was the most beautiful day- it was sunny and got up to the 40s!  Bryan and Jilly went outside and stayed for hours- Bryan shoveling our cars out and Jilly having a ball playing in the snow.  I went outside for a bit and it felt so, so, so nice; it made me feel hopeful and excited for spring.  I had to return a redbox movie so I finally became a true Baltimorean and left a sled in my shoveled out parking spot so no one would take it.

^ it doesn't look bad because Bryan did a great job shoveling all the snow out, but there was A LOT of snow in the streets- plows had come through and pushed tons of snow toward the cars so I was not going to risk not getting my spot back!

We had a great weekend in the snow, but would be totally 100% fine if we didn't get any more snow this year.  Pretty please?!?!