merry and bright

I absolutely love all the Christmas excitement in December
And this past weekend was one of our best

On Friday night we decorated our Christmas tree
Jilly had been looking forward to it all day long and made a pile of all the ornaments she wanted to put on the tree 
(which included every ornament we own.)
In the end she decided to share and let us each put up a few of our own.

^ self timer picture, which is how we should do all pictures because my girls will actually look at the blinking light!

On Saturday we drove down to Washington D.C.
We dropped the little ladies off at my sister's house and Bryan and I went to the temple.
We had been for a couple weddings, but hadn't been back just the two of us since our wedding 7 years ago.
Afterward we ate Cafe Rio at Katie's house then took the girls back to the temple to see the lights
It was raining and Mattie was asleep half the time
but it was so beautiful and peaceful there- no better place to be at Christmastime!

^ babysitters extraordinaire


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

First of all, how did I get so behind on your blog!? I think it's because I don't use a blog reader anymore, so I basically only read people's blog when they comment on mine and I didn't write a post last week. Anyway, I LOVE THESE PICTURES! Love the picture of you and Bryan at the temple. Love the girls with antlers with Katie and Neil. Adorable. :)