haul out the holly

+ The Little People Nativity is once again the best Christmas toy ever.  My only complaint is that it only comes with one Baby Jesus- we need two so my girls will stop fighting!

+ For Family Night on Monday we told the Nativity story
B: "Christmas is Jesus' birthday"
J: "What??  I thought Halloween was Jesus' birthday!"
B: "Why did you think that?"
J: "Mommy told me."

+ Jilly calls the angels "fairies" and I'm still trying to decide how necessary it is to correct her.

+ We ate some Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's one night and I could tell Jilly wasn't crazy about them because she only ate half a cookie.  The next day she asked me if we were going to eat more of those cookies with toothpaste in them.

+ Bryan's favorite thing to tease me about (from the long, long list of possibilities) is my totally uncool taste in music.  But, when it comes to Christmas music I reign supreme.  If you haven't listened to the Peaceful Holidays station on Pandora then you are missing out- it's especially perfect for bedtime.  Also, this is amazing.

+ I'm not ambitious enough to do an Advent calendar with activities for every day in December, and I don't have the energy for Elf shenanigans every night, but I can handle Christmas books every day.  I wrapped them all up because my girls think it is so, so, so exciting to unwrap a present.   Between our collection and the piles I've brought home from the library we have enough for each girl to open a book every day.  We open them first thing in the morning and it's the best way to start our day.

+ One of my favorite parts of an East Coast Christmas is all the candles in the windows.  I bought these and they are awesome because they turn on automatically every night at dusk and then off again when the sun comes up.  I grew up having to run around to each window to turn the candle on so I am basking in this newfound laziness.

+ Speaking of laziness, I've become a couch shopper.  I've always loved shopping at Christmas time because of the excitement, decorations and all the fun things to see, but this year it's not worth it.  I'm the biggest baby ever, but it is such a haul to bundle my girls up in coats, hats, mittens, run out to the car, take coats off to buckle them in car seats, drive to the store, then have to get out right when the heat has finally come on, bundle everyone back up, run in the store, strip layers off.  I'm exhausted just typing it.  So, I buy everything online.  Thank the heavens for Amazon Prime.


The Daytons said...

I've become a couch shopper too, guess that labels me a whimp as well. I also find it super hard to shop in the stores and not let my kids seen the presents;) another point for amazon prime!

Shauntel said...

Agreed on all points.

And really, what did we do before Amazon Prime? I've gotten to the point where I try to order something elsewhere and bag it with disgust when I realize I have to PAY for shipping. And it will take more than two days?! Pffff.

Hooray for Christmas delivered to my doorstep! :)

Shauna said...

The Little People Nativity is a huge hit at our house as well. Although it seems to be the Santa hat my kids fight over.

And yes, hooray for Amazon Prime for Christmas shopping! I've been picking no rush shipping and saving up credits for Kindle books.