friday five

1.  Jilly had her first Primary Program the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  She nailed it (kind of ;) )  I'm in the Primary Presidency (best calling ever!) so it was my first Primary Program also, and I was quite busy with preparations so I was very glad it went well. 

2.  Jilly got hurt one day this week and was lying on her bed crying so Mattie started patting her back saying "iss okay, iss okay."  Then another day Jilly was in time out and was not happy about it so Mattie went over to make funny faces at Jilly to get her to smile.  When they're not fighting over baby Jesus, these girls are besty best friends.  

3.  We told Jilly that when she was little she called tortillas "chinchias."  Jilly loved hearing this and now her favorite game is "when I was little."  She'll say "Do you know what I called babies when I was little?  baabeebobo" or "Do you know what I called legos when I was little"  loodobebaga"  Constant silliness around these parts. 

4.  The girls had a double check-up this week.  Both were pretty nervous at the beginning but braved up when we started singing Doc McStuffins songs.  The doctor asked Jilly a few questions and of course Jilly would only respond in a baby voice (drove me crazy!)  But she was able to show off her ballet technique when the dr asked her to balance on one foot.  Mattie is petite but healthy and happy.

5.  Last night we got our Christmas tree.  This picture is not the tree we brought home, we thought this was The One and I asked the poor guy working there to hold the tree while I snapped a few pictures then a few seconds later we found The Actual One.  I started to get out my phone for more pictures but Bryan took pity on the worker and put an end to all picture-taking.  Then, after the guy charged us $2 to cut off the stump (must be a MD thing because we've never had to pay before- not that $2 is very much but still!) he told us to put the stump in some boiling water when we got home.  We did, and our entire house smelled perfectly Christmas-y and ah-mazing.  I spent the evening watching Peter Pan, addressing Christmas cards, and sipping hot cocoa.  I double dog dare you to come up with a better evening.


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Sounds like an amazing evening! I'm making a mental note to use boiling water next year. :)

Kelsey said...

That Jilly looks so sassy in that leopard print! I love it.