first snow

We eagerly awaited our first snow day,
and of course it came at the worst time- the day before Thanksgiving 
when we were already worrying about bad traffic driving down to Richmond.

But, the snow came and was beautiful, 
and the girls loved the 15 minutes we spent outside playing.

When we left that afternoon it hadn't stuck to the roads 
and once we got out of Baltimore there was no snow, only rain
so it ended up not being a perfect little snow day.

^  "When I was a baby I loved to eat snow!" - had to make sure she still loved it

^ my more sensitive and less adventuresome child surprised me by loving the snow, but she also didn't touch it

^ 24 hour time lapse between those last two pictures. We've officially left Fall and entered Winter territory


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Awesome snow angel! Poor Blake takes so long to get used to things and see snow so rarely, I don't think he'll ever like snow. I need to work on that if he wants to go to BYU! :)