friday five

1.  All of my dreams came true yesterday when a Chick-fil-A opened in Folsom.  We went to celebrate the grand opening with chicken nuggets, chick-fil-a sauce, and a milkshake.  I have taken it upon myself to be Chick-fil-A's personal ambassador and spread the word of its greatness.  These Californians don't know what they've been missing.

2. Bryan's cousin is getting married tomorrow and the ceremony is on the beach.  I'm excited to go to my first beach wedding!

3.  I saw that this chair was only $7.50 at Lowe's and decided that Jilly needed it.  It's perfect for a mid-afternoon snack (and our upcoming camping trip.)

4. My friend Miranda and I had a "jam session" this week and made lots of yummy strawberry jam.  It took all the self-control I possess to put the containers in the freezer and not immediately gobble them up.

5. Jilly had a checkup for her hand this morning.  The worst part of the appointment was when we took off all her clothes and weighed her- she screamed.  The rest of the checkup was fine though, her hand is healing and we got red bandages for the 4th of July!


Monica said...

I love your blog Rachel--it's so you: positive, creative, and beautiful! Your projects are amazing and give me great ideas. You're a wonderful momma and I think your little girl is one of the cutest I've ever seen. Just thought you should know!

Shauntel said...

If Chick-fil-a and Target didn't exist, I'd have so much more money.

Seriously. :)

Erick and Megan said...

Ha! Just this morning I was going to text you and find out how Chick-fil-a was!! I can't believe I got several shout outs on your blog, I feel so famous! Poor Jilly and her little hand so sad! I love that you are so caught up on your blog and your posts are so darling!