One of the best things about living in California is that most days this winter have been sunny and in the 60s.  Yet, we can drive 1.5 hours and surprise! we're in a Winter Wonderland.  On Monday we took advantage of Bryan's day off and drove to Lake Tahoe.

 It was so beautiful up there!
We bundled Jilly up and at first she loved it!

 After a while she wasn't so happy- I don't think she was cold, she just hated being so bundled up that she couldn't move at all!  

We love visiting snow instead of living in it!   


Jamie said...

I love Lake Tahoe. Especially in summer when the trees are so green and its gorgeous. Lucky you live so close to make a day trip! Jillian is adorable! It's so much fun to be a mommy!

Suzie Soda said...

How beautiful. I have only been there in the summer.
Have so much fun in Utah. xoxo