Warm Fuzzies

Some days I come home wondering what I was thinking. 26 kids in one room for 6 hours? Convincing these 26 little darlings to close their mouths long enough for me to throw some knowledge down their throats? (sidenote, that is definitely not how I view teaching.) Spending almost every evening underneath a mound of papers to grade? Never getting a lunch because I have to spend my allotted 23 minutes at the copier?

You get my point. But sometimes I come home feeling all bright and sunny knowing that I am hopefully making some difference in the world and getting a good healthy laugh in the process. Here are some highlights from the day:

- Students just got the forms for the Golden Apple Teacher Award- basically a popularity contest for teachers. I passed them out and explained to the kids that they don't have to pick me (their obvious choice) they can pick any teacher in the school. One girl came up to me later and said, "No offense, but I have to choose Miss Roberts." And, I really don't take any offense because if I had Miss Roberts for third grade, I would totally be nominating her too.

- Today I had a mom come into the room for a minute and she said it was really hot in there. One boy didn't even miss a beat, he said "Sorry, do you want me to leave?" We were totally cracking up.

- My students each get a turn to be Starfish of the Week (my room has a beach theme.) The little girl who is starfish this week wrote her goals on her poster, which include: "marry a righteous returned missionary, defend marriage and the family, raise children in righteousness, go on a couples misison when I am older." It was so precious and I thought, only in Happy Valley...

- After school I was grading homework (fractions- ick) and I found a little note: "dont giv me sutch hard holmwork p.s. need help"

So, if you're ever in need of a good laugh, come visit me and my little crew.


Amy said...

Oh my gosh- too funny! And yes, only in happy valley is right! Thanks for the laugh!