Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Bryan and I started dating in April of 2006. In May of 2006 I left for a 2 month Study Abroad in London. Since I was already in awe that Bryan had chosen me out of the numerous girls from our ward that were pining after him, I was pretty skeptical that our relationship would last. I didn't doubt myself at all, I had been completely in love with him for many months. I just couldn't imagine him going off to California for the summer and wanting to keep this two-week old relationship going when we couldn't actually talk or see each other for a long time.

But, Bryan was faithful the whole time I was gone. He sent me a couple of cute letters and postcards, and we emailed each other a lot. I even got up the nerve to call him once. It sounds ridiculous now, but I was SO nervous to call him. I'm not sure what I was afraid of- he wouldn't like my voice, or he wouldn't want to talk to me. But, cute Cathryn coached me the whole way through and sat next to me while I dialed so I wouldn't chicken out. As much as I loved London, Bryan was always in the back of my mind. I couldn't wait to get back and see him again.

Well, I got home from London, we dated, got engaged, and were married the next summer.

Now, it's March of 2009, and Bryan is on a mini study abroad (thank heavens it's only 1 week, and not 2 months!) in Mexico. I find myself rushing to my computer every spare second to push the refresh button. Nothing makes me happier than to see a new email from him.

Suddenly Bryan is perfect in my mind- he never forgets to close the cereal box, he never snores at night, he always puts away his clean clothes. I can only think how wonderful it would be to have him here. It's good to have this little reminder of what my life would be without him to help me appreciate him more. And, maybe when he gets back, I won't even mind it when he leaves his homework out all over the floor. :)


Janssen said...

It was so fun how many of you guys in London had boyfriends that you went home and married! It was so cute to hear you talk about Bryan - I remember all of our fun chats that first week on kitchen duty :)

Lisa Michelle said...

Rach, I didn't close the cereal box, I snored, and my clothes were a mess. Not to mention the general lack of personal hygiene. So really, I was the best roommate you could have had because I made you really appreciate Bryan, therefore making your marriage stronger. You're welcome. :) p.s. This post is so cute. Almost as good as the Twinkie one (my new favorite--it bumped off the Suzanne Somers one).

Judi said...

Cute! Mike and I were apart for 10 days in September, but it felt like 10 years. Isn't it crazy how much you can miss someone! I am glad to hear you guys are still completely in love. You're so cute :)

William and Tiffany Strong said...

Such a cute post and I totally relate to you - when Will was gone I finally got to clean up the paint that is all over our house, but when it was clean I missed Will more. I missed the smell of his paint.