The Graveyard Book

I figured as a teacher it was my duty to read this year's Newberry Medal winner. Unfortunately, my reading time is limited to the 15 minutes it takes to blowdry my hair each morning, the occasional 30 minutes I spend on the elliptical, and the glorious 15 minutes before drifting off to sleep. Reading this short book took me way longer than it should have. Maybe that's why I got so bored while reading. I liked the beginning (very creepy) and I loved the end, but I got stuck somewhere in the middle. It just felt like it was going on forever. And, the characters were too nebulous for me to feel any attachment.

But, I hate to be so negative. It was a fascinating book, and I'm glad that I read it. Plus, I never would have thought to name my firstborn Nobody without reading it.

The Graveyard Book


Kali and JT said...

hey rach- do you guys still live at union square? We are looking at maybe moving in there next year and I wanted to know how the ward and complex is? Are people social and outgoing? Are there lots of ward activities and do people actually go to them? how about enrichment? Sorry for the third degree but we are just looking for a FUN place with a great ward :)

Lisa Michelle said...

Okay, you can name him Nobody, as long as his middle name is Miguel and you only feed him tacos.