Happy Days are Here Again

Bryan got home on Friday and my life is good again :)

He came home with a variety of Mexican memorabilia and a healthy appetite for all foods Mexican. Let's be honest, Bryan loved Mexican food more than just about anyone I know before he left. But now he's completely obsessed. This is a direct quote from an email he sent me while he was gone, "I had a quesadilla for breakfast. Finally, a place where they let me eat what I want!" Because of this, I offered to make tacos for breakfast on Saturday. He declined, probably thinking that my tacos were nothing like what he ate in Mexico. Not only is he obsessed with the taste of the food, but the price as well. And, I must admit the cost is quite appealing to my thrift-loving self. He said that one night his professor bought dinner for 8 of them and it cost $8.50.

Speaking of food, on Saturday we finally got to celebrate Chad's mission call to Fukuoka, Japan. We went to Yamato's to enjoy sushi, teriyaki, and ubon noodles. I enjoyed my meal, but was not sure if I could eat it every day for 2 years. Fortunately, Chad loved it and is totally psyched for his Japanese adventure.

I just realized this is a very multi-cultural post. I'm going to Virginia soon (16 days if you want to get technical.) That counts as another culture- Southern- to add to the mix, right? Even though it's not very exotic, I'm more excited to be going there than anywhere else in the world!!


Lindsay Marie said...

hey, regan served his mission in fukuoka.

have fun in Richmond!

Janssen said...

Oh it is so so fun to go home. Have a blast!

Suzie Soda said...

Hope I get to see you when you are home. xoxoxo

William and Tiffany Strong said...

I am so glad Brian is home!!! Thanks for letting me crash your class today!