allergic to school

For the past couple weeks I've been having bad allergies- itchy eyes, sore throat, runny nose, etc. I was frustrated because I thought I was feeling the effects of Spring before Spring even arrived!

But this week I realized I only feel like this when I'm at school. I felt fine all weekend, but on Monday morning I started feeling icky again. At night my allergies wouldn't bother me at all.

On Friday I made an even more interesting observation. Fridays are our early out day, so the kids leave at 1:30. I, of course, was still at school until 5:30 and I noticed that I felt fine that whole time after school. Thus the conclusion, I am allergic to my students.

I wonder if they'd let me take sick days the rest of the year? Or maybe provide me with some excellent worker's comp?


William and Tiffany Strong said...

I think you should tell this to your students and see what they think? If they were the 6th graders I would conclude that they need to shower more! Hope you had a super duper weekend! Love you lots!

Sheryl said...

Ha! So I saw your mom today at Lindsay's shower in Richmond. I teach 3rd grade too and she told me that you had a blog and how we should exchange stories. Funny that the first post I read is about a teaching experience. It's soooo tiring huh?! I completely understood the "of course I was there until 5:30" bit. Keep up the good work girl. p.s. Do your kids tell you to use Proactive when they see a pimple on your face...mine do.

Amy said...

haha allergic to your students- that's pretty funny. Wonder what they'd think of that?!

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We miss you guys!