six on saturday

(one)  Monday was Jilly's last day of gymnastics.  It was so fun and so good for Jilly, we will miss her coach Miss Rachel very much!

(two)  The girls have been way into books lately.  Jilly has a few books that she has memorized and will "read" to us, and Mattie will open up a book and start jabbering to herself.  Makes me so, so happy.

(three) Did you know that you can listen to audiobooks on youtube?  This week I had some housework to do and didn't have a book to listen to so I found The Giver on youtube which made my chores a million times more fun.

(four) A couple weeks ago we celebrated Mattie's birthday one more time at Farrell's.  Mattie was feeling a little better and was all about getting her own ice cream sundae.  

(five) Thanks to a combination of the heat, lots of time playing outside and swimming, and 5:30 wakeup nearly every day since it is so stinkin' light already the girls have been extreme nappers lately.  Mattie will take two 2+ hour naps a day and Jilly has even been napping almost every day.  There are few things more lovely than a quiet peaceful summer afternoon.

(six) Today we took the girls to the Disney Store and they thought they had died and gone to heaven.  Mattie hugged every single stuffed animal in the store (and there are a lot), Jilly drooled over all the sparkly princess dresses, and then they noticed "Let it Go" playing on the big screen.  Jilly belted it out for the whole store.  I didn't get my phone out til the last seconds, but you get to see the best part here:


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Love all of these! Wish we could've raided the Disney store together. Miles is also a lover of stuffed animals. Glad Mattie is her mother's ice-cream-loving daughter. :)