To The Sea

Our family was made for the beach
On Saturday we spent the day in Santa Cruz
The girls were in heaven-
building sand castles, digging, and rolling (yes literally rolling) in the sand

Jillian wore her first swimsuit without any kind of skirt or ruffle
And her hair in a ponytail/bun
And suddenly she was all grown up
Mattie was messier and happier than I'd ever seen her
Bryan stayed in the water for three hours straight
And I snuck in a nap and some quality book time

After playing and relaxing and snacking all day 
We stopped at Pizza My Heart on the way home-
a perfect ending to our perfect beach day



Strong Clan said...

So jealous of your beach day!
I love Jilly's suit, she does look very grown up!
You all look so happy and darling.

Chace and Rivka said...

Oh my word, you are all way, WAY too cute.