Mattie turns One

We've had a lot going on lately so I've been stressed and less than patient with the girls.  I planned for Mattie's birthday to be a low-key family day.  When Mattie woke up with a cold our plan sounded even better.  It turned out to be a perfect, relaxing day.

Birthday pancakes

 What are sisters for if not to help blow out candles?

I really kind of let Mattie do whatever she wanted that day.  Take all the ziploc bags out of the box and spread them throughout the house?  Sure.  (I paid for this later, but that smile was worth it)

After her nap we went to Toy Time at the library.  Mattie loves this car so much and luckily there was hardly anyone else there so she got to play with it the whole time.

We picked up McDonalds to have a picnic with Bryan at the temple (Jilly's location choice)

It was a terribly hot day, but we walked around for a bit til we started to melt.

While Mattie slept Jilly and I made a little cake for her in a mug and also some cupcakes.  We had our friends the Clements over for hot dogs and cupcakes by the pool.  Mattie wasn't her usual perky self, but she still enjoyed her cake once I cut it up for her (she wasn't into the digging in.)

It was a fun day celebrating our sweet girl.


Shauna said...

Poor girl being sick on her birthday! Sounds like it was a fun day anyway! Happy birthday Mattie!!