Friday Five: Christmas Edition

We've been trying to do as many Christmas activities as possible before we leave on our trip.  Not that we'll stop celebrating when we go, but these are our only chances to celebrate in our home with our little family.  These are some of our favorite things we've done:

1.  Jilly is all about the "wights" this year.  We love to spend the last little bit before bedtime driving around looking at lights while listening to Josh Groban's Christmas album.  Sometimes we even take along some popcorn and hot chocolate.

2.  I've filled our advent calendar with a variety of little gifts, treats, and activities.  We've done this activity, these puppets- which were a huge hit, this memory game, decorated a gingerbread house, and made a Christmas necklace from a kit I got in the dollar spot at JoAnns.)  But Bryan's favorite has definitely been a new bottle of tapatio (his favorite hot sauce.)

3.  I love the idea of unwrapping a Christmas book each night, but I just haven't been good at it this year.  I didn't get to the library in time to get enough books for every day, and I keep forgetting to give the ones I do have to Jilly.  However, when I do remember it is so so exciting for Jilly to legally open a present (there have been many illegally unwrapped gifts this year) and read a book.  Next year I really want to be better.

4.  One night Jilly asked to watch a Princess movie.  Bryan and I wanted to watch a Christmas movie so we found a 1950's version of Rudolph on netflix and told her it was a princess movie (umm, yeah, we're good parents.)  Now she asks for the "princess movie" (Rudolph) all the time.  Haha

5.  There is a cul-de-sac right by us where every house does amazing lights.  It's in their HOA that they have to set up a cool lights display (funny, huh.)  You park at the top of the cul-de-sac and walk around to see all the houses.  This was our third year going, but the first year that Jilly really paid attention to what was happening and she LOVED it. We'll be going back at least once or twice in the next week.

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kali said...

Oh yeah, I totally miss the days when I could convince Jenna that the things I want to do are actually her ideas!
Treasure this time, it won't last long... ;)