Mommy Thumb

The summer after my freshman year at BYU I got tendonitis in my wrist.  The doctor said it was common for this to happen in the summer because we have much more free time and are holding books open a lot and turning pages and this places stress on our wrist.  But my mom wasn't fooled.  She had noticed that ever since I had gotten home my phone had never been more than 3 inches away from my body.  I was constantly texting all those wonderful friends I had made at college.  And, this was back in the day before full keyboards so it was constant stress on my thumb and wrist.  I tried to deny it and go with the book excuse, but finally just gave in and called the injury my "texting thumb."  It eventually went away.

Fast forward to now, I've been getting the same pain in my wrist.  But this time it's not the phone's fault (though I have been guilty of sending a high volume of picture messages to Jilly's grandma in VA) it's my baby's fault!  At night I tend to be a little bit tired (read: exhausted) and thus get lazy when I'm lifting her out of her bed.  This poor lifting technique has brought my tendonitis back.

Lisa (who actually is the main cause of my first tendonitis because she was most likely the one I was texting) sent me this article as a warning before she even knew that my wrist/thumb problems were back.  In the article she found the way to prevent "Mommy Thumb" which is "A proper warmup before doing any lifting." So now when Jillian starts crying at 3am I will calmly and alertly say, "Just one minute darling, mommy needs to do her warmups then she will be prepared to properly lift you out of your crib." 

Or maybe I'll just stick to ice and ibuprofen.  


Shauntel said...

Just wait until that little Jilly is big enough to make both wrists sore from lifting and loving on her so much. I've developed some unique lifting techniques to avoid wrist pain.

Perhaps I should start with some stretches? ;)