Birthday- one month late

I had a fabulous 24th birthday while we were at home for Christmas. Because of the avid social lives of my teenage sisters, we spread my birthday festivities over a few days. Out to dinner one night, my activity choice (going to Agecroft Hall) one day, and cake/presents another day. Most people only get one day a year, but I was the birthday girl for 3 whole days this year- wonderful!

The most comical moment of my birthday celebrations was when I was opening my presents. I opened the gifts from my parents, sisters, and grandparents and then there weren't any left. I was thinking, "Okay Bryan, I know we talked about not spending as much this Christmas, but nothing? Really nothing?" (Yes, I can be just a little bit selfish...) Then my sisters asked if I was ready for Bryan's present and I said "of course!" Jenn, Leslie, and Bethany immediately started stripping, removing jackets, skirts, and sweatshirts to reveal my new outfit: a skirt, shirt, and necklace. It was so funny. I should have known Bryan had something up his sleeve. His presents are always so exciting, half because of what he got and half because of how he wraps it.

{ Bethany wearing my necklace, Jenn in the shirt, and Leslie in the skirt }


Katie Rich said...

Clever wrapping, that is for sure!

Suzie Soda said...

What a cute idea and cute husband for thinking it up.
Love all your new stuff. xoxoxoxo

Lisa Michelle said...

haha, so cute!!

Nicole D said...

Hey Rach! My old email address for you doesn't work. Have you seen the London blog? Annelisa made it.


Miss you! Love your blog!