Martin Luther King Day Statistics

Number of papers I graded: Approximately 2,000
Number of Standards Reports I filled out: 29
Number of science lessons I planned: 3
Number of loads of laundry I washed: 5
Number of socks I matched up: 70
Number of movies I watched: 4
Number of hours I didn't wear pajamas: 4
Number of chocolate chip cookies I ate: let's not talk about that
Number of people I talked to: 3 (my husband, my mom and my sister)
Number of pages I created on a Shutterfly Album: 12
Number of pounds of delicious Farr's Ice Cream we ate: 1.78
Number of pounds of delicious Farr's Ice Cream we paid for: .886 (we love coupons)

All in all, it was a very successful and blissful day. And, thanks to all that hard work, today wasn't bad either. I love short weeks!


Judi said...

I saw your sister at Disneyland! Random! She is so cute :)

Janssen said...

I could really go for some chocolate chip cookies right now. . . .