Not Fair

I realize that "life's not fair" is a lesson we've all learned since we were young. But, it's a lesson I've learned in a big way this winter. As I previously mentioned, Richmond does not get snow very often. Like maybe a couple centimeters a year. Apparently this year Jack Frost had something else in mind. They have had 3 major snowstorms, getting about a foot of snow each time. If this occurred in Utah it would mean messy roads, kids spending all of their recess time putting on and taking off snow clothes (makes me laugh so hard,) lots of snowboarding trips for Bryan, and gallons of hot chocolate for me. But, since it is happening in Virginia it means only one thing- snow days! In the past 2 weeks my siblings have gone to school for a day and a half. Yes, a day and a half!!! This morning I was talking to my mom on the way to school and she said, "School, what's that? We don't know about that anymore!" Ugh. I guess I'll be the one gloating when they're still in school in July!

My home all decked out in snow. This is at the very beginning of one of the storms- before the flakes started piling up.


Tiffany Strong said...

I agree with EVERYTHING you said. It was good to see you at class tonight. Why don't we talk more?? Love ya!

Suzie Soda said...

It is crazy here. And DC is worse. The government has been closed all week. And we may get snow again in Monday. WHAT IS GOING ON?