Best. Day. Ever.

This week I finished reading the book No Talking by Andrew Clements to my class. In this delightful book, the boys and girls in the fifth grade at Laketon Elementary School decide to have a competition to see who can go two whole days without talking. I love this book because it naturally turns into a no talking competition within my class, which equals a beautifully quiet day for me! We did our No Talking Day on Monday, and even though this class was nowhere near as good at it as my class last year (the boys had talked 23 times within the first 20 minutes of the day!) it was a very pleasant day. If only I could convince them that it would be fun to do no talking every day!


Deb said...

I tried playing the quiet game with my three-year-old niece the other day... what a lovely two minutes that was!

Janssen said...

Wasn't that a GREAT book? It's probably my favorite of Clements books. Love that you had your class do it - sounds lovely.

Jenna Reynolds said...

I TOTALLY read the same book to my 5th grade class last year! Only I wasn't as smart as you and didn't do the no talking day with them. Quite a few of them did, however, try it out on their own and it was nice. But didn't last long, haha.