Earlier this week Bryan got a phone call from his cousin. I heard him saying, "Um yeah... I think I'm free that night. . . That would be fine." It was pretty obvious Bryan wasn't being asked to go snowboarding or biking or something exciting like that. Turns out his cousin was going out of town and was wondering if Bryan would go with his daughter to her Daddy-Daughter Achievement Day Activity on Thursday.

Before I go any further let me remind you that Bryan is from a family of all boys. I've spent the past 3 years teaching him the basics of girls, but we still have many lessons to go. I just about went into hysterics thinking of Bry at an Achievement Day Activity. I gave him a few pointers and sent him on his way.

He came home with some delightful stories- it seems as though there was some kind of mishap during the "put on a hairnet, then put whipped cream all over your head, then have your daughter throw marshmallows at your head" activity. There was a lot of dirty laundry that night. But, overall, it seemed to have been a success. I told Bryan it was practice for the many Daddy-Daughter Activities to come in his future. He informed me that he would prefer to stick to Fathers and Sons Campouts. We'll see who gets their wish in the years to come.


Janssen said...

How cute is that? I love it.