This afternoon between school and my technology class (which I hate, loathe, and despise) I read posts from three very amazing women. The first one was from my old roommate showing off pictures of her beautiful newborn baby boy. I am so excited for her family, which already includes an adorable two-year-old big brother. Next I read a post from a friend whose husband's cancer just returned after a year in remission. They are such wonderful people and deal with everything that comes with such grace and faith. Last I read a post from a friend who is now 2 months away from being a mom but had a miscarriage a year ago. I love her outlook- she knows that "there's a Master Sorter-Outer who knows me and what's going on in my life."

As I read all of these posts I thought about 2 things:
A: How lucky I am to have been surrounded all my life by women who are such great examples of faith, patience, perseverance, and love.
B: Life is never easy, even for those that seem to deserve it. We all have trials and difficulties that will make us better people if we allow them to.

I hope that I can learn from these women and use every challenge to become a better me.


Deb said...

I found your blog recently (though now I can't remember how), but I hope you are doing well.

I also read that last post you mentioned today and I wanted to thank you for putting into words the very things I've been trying to pin down myself. It is a beautiful thing to see people tackling challenges with faith and poise.

Chace and Rivka said...

Yeah, those women totally rock! :)

P.S. You are just such a woman, my sweet friend! And you too, Deb!

Much love from afar!