Chocolate Dream Cake

Bry and I just got back from a fabulous weekend getaway to visit his parents. We biked around San Francisco, ate lots of mom's delicious food, enjoyed a black and tan (best ice cream treat ever, and I am quite an ice cream expert,) played blokus, visited Dillon Beach, went to a wild and crazy soccer game, and the girls got pedicures. It was a weekend full of fun and relaxation.

On Thursday night I had a dream that Michael (Bryan's dad) made chocolate cake for breakfast. I told him the next morning and we laughed at the absurdity. But late that night after everyone else had gone to bed, Michael went out to the front lawn (so he wouldn't wake us) and mixed up a chocolate cake. When I went into the kitchen on Saturday there was a beautiful chocolate cake sitting on the table for breakfast. This is why I love these people.

ps- Our camera is broken so I unfortunately have no pictures of the beautiful cake, you just have to trust me on this one.


Suzie Soda said...

What fun in-laws. I love that. He sounds so cool.
You done good,baby. xoxoxo

Janssen said...

THAT is a great story. What a nice man. Aren't father-in-laws the best?

Lisa Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, that hilarious!! So great!