I've never been very good at dealing with change. Every year on the night before the first day of school (and I've had a lot of first days of school) I have a nervous breakdown. Last week I attempted to figure out why this annual meltdown occurs. It's not that I don't like school, on the contrary I have always loved school. I finally realized that I just hated to not be at home all day with my mom. I knew I would miss her so much while I was gone all day.

This year I knew I was in for quite a year. I went from a school in the wealthiest part of Provo to a school in the poorest part of the city. My students are sweet and darling, but have VERY different family lives than my previous students. In my opinion, fifth graders' greatest concern should be what color hair ribbon to wear instead of how their family is going to eat that night. But, these kids are adorable and I'm so glad I'm able to spend this year with them.

It's been tough to adjust back to a work schedule again. I miss my free time, clean apartment, and full refrigerator. But, all change has a silver lining and I know this year holds experiences that will be exciting and enriching.


Lisa Michelle said...

But have you noticed that the kids at both schools have one thing in common? They all LOVE MRS. MARTINEZ!!! See Rach, it's universal! :)

Amy said...

Those are some lucky kids! Glad things are going well so far!

Brittany said...

Rachel, I have wanted to comment for so long...but as you know I have been busy getting back to school too...I hope things are well. It was crazy adjusting to a new school again. Things are different from CC here at Sunset View. But I love it. Hope to see you at Cami's wedding!

Suzie Soda said...

I know you will do great and give them alot. I am sure you will learn alot to and see another side of life.xo