Things I've accomplished in the past week:

- Finished Breaking Dawn (I caved and bought it)
- Watched approximately 5,000 hours of Olympics
- Didn't die while four wheeling with Bry and some friends
- Survived 3 days of school
- Kept 2 boys in from recess (already)
- Haven't made dinner since Saturday
- Re-fell in love with violin music at a Jenny Oaks Baker concert
- Made my bed every day (mom would be proud)
- Come home with sore feet and throat every night
- Talked to my mom every morning and every night so she could help me de-stress
- Fell in love with 27 darling fourth graders

My life is great.

Please pray for the Nielsons. If you don't live in AZ or UT, you can read about them here. I teach their adorable little niece and I know this is a really tough time for their wonderful family.


Suzie Soda said...

I bet you are a great and really fun teacher.
Good Luck with all of it. xoxox

Tyler and Ashley Sorensen said...

it was so fun seeing you guys last night.. Lets do it again soon! Love ya:)