I'm sure you were all wondering how my shopping trip went. Well, you'll be happily surprised to hear that I actually stuck to my $2.75 budget. Here's how: I bought some pants, but I put them on my gap credit card, and the bill still goes to my parent's house. I know this sounds bad, but they were only $13 and my mom gets all the reward coupons from my spending, so that's kind of fair right? I also got a cardigan from gap, but the lady forgot to ring it up (don't ask me how you forget to ring something up when someone is only buying 2 things!) But, lucky for me, my grandma was the person in line behind me, and she insisted on adding it to what she was getting and would not take any money from me. For dinner I split a salad with my aunt, so I only had to pay $2. I did buy sunglasses, but they were a need for the well-being of my eyes, not a want, so I don't count them :) Thus, I still have $.75 to spend and it feels good.


Suzie Soda said...

You are too funny! I wonder where I could send my credit card bills? 1/2 a salad....you sre going to starve to death. xoxox