A quiet, blissful weekend

After a hectic week of work and school Bryan and I opted for a quiet weekend. On Friday we went to Mimi's for a delicious triple chocolate brownie (yum!) then we hit up the good old Dollar Theatre to see The Incredible Hulk. I can't tell you if I liked the movie or not because I slept through the first half! On Saturday we slept in and played tennis. Bry beat me, as usual. I cleaned the apartment (took surprisingly long for how small a space it is!) and Bryan worked on homework for his online class. We made a Costco run which was very disappointing due to the lack of sample choices. We made pizza together which was amazing then watched Harry Potter #5. Sundays are always wonderful. We just got home from church, so after a few more meetings we will be free to eat dinner, take naps, write to Elder Martinez, talk to our families, go on a walk, and read. Weekends like this give me the energy to take on another crazy 5 days!


Kirsten Sue said...

Sounds like one of our weekends. I am always surprised at how long it takes to clean our apartment. Can you imagine when we live in a house? I don't even want to think about it.

Ty & Ash Sorensen said...

I love weekends like that! Sounds like you had fun:)