Jillian's preschool has a class "pet" named Bubba that goes home with a different student each weekend.  Jilly knew that she and another boy were the last kids who hadn't had Bubba yet so we were expecting him soon.  A couple Fridays ago while Jilly was at school I was talking to my mom and I told her that Bryan was going camping that weekend and I was crossing my fingers and toes that we didn't get Bubba because then I'd have to think of some fun things to do.  But sure enough, when Jilly walked out of her classroom she was holding Bubba.  But, it turned out to be a long weekend because of MLK Day so it wasn't so hard to take Bubba on some adventures.   

Bubba came to church with us and as we left it was snowing for the first time!  It didn't stick (and none of us knew we would be getting the biggest snowfall in Baltimore history later that week!) but it was still exciting.

On Monday my sister and sweet baby Joey came to visit.  Bubba helped Jilly hold the baby.  We're so happy to have an Anderson cousin now, and especially that he lives so close!

Jilly's friend Jude is in the morning class at her same school and happened to have the morning class Bubba that weekend also!  So we had a meeting of the Bubbas and a fun day at the Aquarium together.

Bubba went back to school on Wednesday and on Thursday Jilly, who is usually very obedient and kind to her sister, was having an off day.  I asked her why she was in a bad mood and not behaving very well and she said through tears, "I think I'd be nicer if Bubba were still here, I miss him."  So we are definitely feeling a void with Bubba gone.