New Year's 2016

We flew home from California on the 30th and my family came up on the 31st to celebrate New Year's with us.  My girls loved finally meeting their new cousin (and I loved getting to hold that sweet baby again!)   We took a timer picture while the whole family was together then Bryan found a Care Bears countdown on youtube so we could celebrate the new year with the girls and put them to bed.  Katie, Neal and Joe went home but the rest of us made it til the real new year thanks to lots of snacks and games.

On New Year's Day we took everyone down to the harbor.  At the last minute we bought a groupon to go to the "Top of the World"- a building right on the harbor where they have a lookout on the 27th floor.  We had low expectations but it ended up being really great- the view was amazing and it was fun to see the whole city from above, we could almost see our house! We ate at Shake Shack (of course!) and some of us went to the aquarium for a bit.  I realized thanks to Timehop that we had all been right there in the harbor 8 years earlier so we had to re-create some pictures.  

^ our family has A LOT of hair 

^ January 2008, we'd been married for 6 months and had no clue we'd be living in Baltimore 8 years later with our two kids!


 ^ 2016 - Tyler grew up a bit in 8 years.  

2008 - Apparently Bryan spent a lot of time carrying my siblings that day

2016 - we laughed so hard recreating these pictures

It was a fun way to start 2016, it's going to be a great year!


Shauna said...

How fun! Love the recreated pictures.