January 2016

^ My 2015 Best Nine.  I never posted this, but it was fun to see my top pictures of 2015, it was such a great year!

^ It was in the 60s and 70s here during the last weeks of December.  We came home from CA to find daffodils growing in our yard!

^ The girls got some great presents for Christmas this year. They've spent so much time playing with new magformers, lego sets, and a doll house camper.   

^ I just love this picture of Mattie holding up her fancy dress-up to go potty, this girl kills me!

^ The girls and I went down to Richmond for a few days to help out while my mom was in Utah.  Mattie loved wearing this Snow White dress, and I remember it was a favorite of Jilly's when she was 2.

^ Usually I'm so happy to clear out Christmas decorations and get rid of the clutter, but this year our house feels empty and sad without them!  So I've decided I need to spend some more time decorating and finishing projects around the house. 

^ I've loved having all our friends hanging above our kitchen table and I just can't take these cards down!  We'll see how long they last. 

^ One Sunday the weather was amazing so we got out for an afternoon adventure.  We walked around the grounds of the Hampton House, a beautiful 18th century manor house that's just a few minutes away from us.  The girls weren't interested in my history lesson and instead called it "Elsa's Palace."  

^  Facetimeing with the girls' sweet new cousin Evie who lives in California.  Wish we could snuggle her!

 ^ I won our family's Bowl Pool, yet again proving that the less you know, the better you do.

^ I had to go through our 2013 pictures to make more memory space on our computer and I remembered how cute baby Mattie was!


Kelsey Kofford said...

Looks like you had a great year! I love the rug in your living room... where did you get it????