The fun don't stop

I am seriously in love with this summer and kind of hope it will never end.  This past weekend was full of fun.  On Friday afternoon a good friend from home got married so my whole family met at the temple (well, whole family except for Bryan, who had to work.)  It was so fun to all be together, if just for a few hours.  And my girls loved seeing a real-life princess in her wedding dress.  Their new favorite game to play is "Wedding"- nicest dresses and bouquets required (thankfully I have a few fake flowers lying around that have gotten a lot of use.)

On Saturday Bryan got up with the early birds then at 7:30 there were two little faces in front of me saying "Daddy left to go running, can we go outside please??"  Jilly informed me that it was chilly out and sweaters were required (oh, 70 degrees, how we had missed you!)  The girls rode scooters til Bryan came home and we had breakfast.  

Later in the day after lots of work on our house we went to Bryan's company's summer party.  Last year it was at someone's house with a potluck lunch but this year they really stepped up their game and had it at an awesome swim park.  We had lunch and a contest (that Bryan's team one) and then a couple prize drawings (one of which Jilly won, which was really fun) and then we got to play.  There were 4 pools, diving boards, slides, a splash pad, a playground, and a pond with paddle boats.  It was seriously so fun and we didn't want to leave.  Mattie kept saying "one more time little slide" allll the way home.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that one of my favorite parts of Sunday is getting my girls all dressed up.  Jilly let me braid her hair this week and when her teacher asked if she had a new hair style she said "I don't know."  I had to teach her what a hair style was. :)  Mattie left the house wearing these funny neon anklets and ballet slippers.  In the car I sneaked her church shoes on and hid the ballet slippers, but forgot about the anklets and laughed when I picked her up from nursery and she still had them on.

Later we skyped with Bryan's mom and Mattie showed Nana all her bumps that needed band-aids.  We tried to show her that those bumps were her ankle bones and we all have them, but she just ended up kissing all of Jilly's "bumps."  This girl is a nut.  We also went on a walk through Oregon Ridge Park to see the chickens and the gardens and enjoy the amazing weather.  

Maybe this year August will last forever, pretty please?!?!


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! Your girls could not be any cuter. I've gotten behind on your blog to the point that I was afraid to see how behind I was. I decided just to start at the most recent and try to work my way back. Prepare for an explosion of comments. Or as many as I can get in before Miles or Blake realize I'm on the laptop... ;)

Steph said...

Oh my gosh, Mattie is a DOLL! Love Jilly's braid :D