one last hurrah

We couldn't let this summer pass without an Anderson beach trip so we headed to Virginia Beach a couple weekends ago.  We drove down to Richmond Thursday night and then to the beach Friday morning.  We convinced these cool kids to ride with us (Jilly and Mattie not pictured, but safely buckled in car seats in the back.)

After a few hours of traffic and a stop at cfa we were back at our happy place.  It was really windy, which the girls were thrilled about because we got to use their new kite (which was cheap and didn't work very well but they didn't seem to mind too much.)  While both girls were asleep Bryan and I snuck away for a bike ride along the boardwalk.  We stayed at VA Beach and rode bikes along the boardwalk on our honeymoon so it was fun to relive the experience 8 years later.  We had a great afternoon at the beach, a picnic dinner, then walked down the boardwalk for ice cream.  

We stayed at an awesome hotel right on the beach, the view was amazing!  I brought a pack n play for Mattie but she wanted to sleep in the bed with Jilly.  I let her since I knew they'd fall right to sleep thanks to a long fun beach day.  It was so funny to see how they'd end up cuddled together every night.

Saturday was another lovely beach day.  Lots of jumping in the waves, games, sandcastles, naps, and a fun bike ride with my mom and sisters.  The girls loved having a full day to play with daddy.  Jilly rode a few waves with Bryan on the boogie board until she had a little tumble and lost her bravery.  Next year she'll be back at it I'm sure.

Jilly has memorized the first two articles of faith and recited them at the beach for everyone.  Mattie got a little jealous of all the attention and started a little trick show of her own.  We were cracking up at this funny little sister.  

That night we got pizza and walked home along the boardwalk.  This sculpture was right by our hotel and technically you aren't supposed to climb on it, but how on earth was I supposed to tell a four year old she couldn't climb on a giant sand castle?

On Sunday morning we packed everything up and then went to church.  You'd never know we were  wearing our swimsuits under our church clothes, right?  The only thing missing on this trip was Jenn, who couldn't leave her job to fly home from Utah for the weekend.  Boo.

We had a picnic lunch and then spent a couple more hours at the beach before making the long, trafficky drive home.  Bryan had brought these twinkies with edible Minion stickers.  I was skeptical, and can't stand twinkies anyway, but the girls thought they were the best thing ever.   

And that's a wrap.  Summer 2015 is going down in the books as pretty darn good.