five fact friday

one | This week the weather was amazing so we headed out to Annie's Playground with some friends.  It's kind of a sad place - it's a playground in memory of a little girl who was killed by a drunk driver, but it's also a huge and really fun park.  On the way Jilly realized that we were going to Annie's Playground with our friend Ani and we were listening to the Annie soundtrack on the way- what a fun coincidence!

two | The first thing we did after getting the keys to our house was paint the front room my favorite paint color, Stonington Grey.  But when it was all freshly painted it was very apparent that the trim was an off-white which had looked fine with the previous wall color but didn't go so well with our new grey.  It bugged me a lot, but I had too much else to do and tried to ignore it.  This week I couldn't ignore it anymore and on a whim I started taping and painting.  It's been sloooooow going since I only really get to paint for a couple hours (maybe) every day during Mattie's nap while I'm also trying to keep Jilly occupied.  It's probably the most inefficient way to paint a room, but I'm up for the challenge and desperate to de-old lady our house.  I'm about halfway done and loving the white.

^ I still have to paint the crown molding so you can really see the difference the white makes on the windowsill/molding. 

three |  I went running a few times while in CA but took a little break the past few weeks during our move-in (how long can I use that as an excuse?  forever?  great.)  But this week I've been trying to get back to it and one night one of our new (elderly) neighbors stopped me and said "I just wanted to tell you that you're good for the neighborhood ecosystem, keep running honey."  Love friendly neighbors with some friendly encouragement.

four |  We all came down with a cold this week, which is a cruel thing in the middle of summer.  We spent most of the day yesterday laying low and wiping our noses over and over and over and over.  Mattie woke up much earlier than usual from her nap sobbing so I brought her to my room to lay next to me and a few minutes later she was right back to sleep.

five |  When Bryan got home from work on Thursday we were ready to get out and have some fun so we all took a glug of Tylenol and were off to the Howard County Fair.  We ate delicious (expensive) food, rode some fun rides (the Ferris Wheel was the favorite) and saw lots of animals.  There were one week old baby bunnies that we got to pet and they were the cutest little things ever.  Jilly fell asleep before we even made it out of the parking lot and Mattie held out the whole ride home but went right to sleep as soon as we got home; kids crashing every night may be my favorite part of summer.


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

(1) Love your neighbor! Hard core running, Rach! :)
(2) Jilly is so observant! Love the Annie coincidence.
(3) Love the white and Stonington Grey! Love that it ties us together across the country! :) So glad I copied you. ;)