five on friday

Last summer we were new to Baltimore and didn't know all it offered and, even worse, we didn't really have any friends.  But this summer we're determined to enjoy all the activities the Charm City has to offer, and we're having a fantastic time.

ONE | Hammerman Beach is my new favorite place on the planet.  It's not actually a beach, but a beachy spot on the bay- the water is warm and shallow, the sand is perfect, and it's only 30 minutes from home.  We went with a big group last week then when a friend asked if we wanted to go again this week the immediate and correct response was YES!  If I get my way, we'll go at least once a week for the rest of summer.

TWO | The girls completed their summer reading charts which earned us free cupcakes and free personal pizzas (we have yet to redeem the latter and I'm looking forward to it more than the girls.)

THREE | There's a fun splash pad in the Inner Harbor that we visited this week.  Jilly and her friend Bennett are the cutest little pair, and we're suspicious that he's the reason behind her recent interest in lip gloss.  We couldn't choose a better match for her, but are definitely not ready for the boy crazy phase- yikes!

FOUR |  Eventually we'll get a swing set in our backyard, but until then we are so lucky to have a park at the end of our street.  The girls get their playground fix and Bryan gets to practice his ninja moves.

FIVE | We've heard a lot about Prigel Creamery and finally made it out last weekend.  The ice cream is made on site and is delicious.  We sat out on the grass admiring the lovely view and enjoying our treat while listening to semi-decent live music; it was a nearly perfect night.

All this summer fun can be exhausting ;)


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Wow! That ice cream place looks beautiful! And a playground at the end of your street?! That is even better! *sigh* Looks awesome.