friday five

one | Last weekend our primary had a campout for all the dads and their kids.  Bryan took Jilly, and apart from a few tears as she waved goodbye, she was SO excited and had a great time.  Mattie was sad to be left home with boring old mom so I took her to Target and the Pet Store.  Every time we saw a new animal Mattie would walk right up and say "Hello, I'm Mattie."  

^ saying goodbye

two | While Mattie and I were at Target we bought her some of her very own undies.  I haven't actually started potty training, but I thought these would get her excited and I was totally right.  She wears them over her diaper every day and Bryan said when she walked into nursery on Sunday she immediately lifted up her dress to show everyone.

^ the wallpaper has to go... I just haven't gotten to it yet!

three | Afternoons can get a little hairy around here, especially when we're all tired, it's hot, I'm trying to make dinner, and the girls are hungry and their mean mom won't let them have any fruit snacks.  It's a relief to all of us when Bryan comes through the door.  On this day he sat down to read Chalk with the girls and had them in stitches with his sound effects.  

^ We ordered a couch over a month ago and it's finally going to be delivered Tuesday (!!)  In the meantime, we've been using this futon in our family room and we're definitely over it

four | One morning this week our plans with friends fell through and suddenly we had a free morning.  I took the girls to a nearby park where they rode their scooters around for a while, played on the playground, then begged to play in the stream as we left.  It turned into a really fun morning.

five | We seriously love having a backyard of our own.  Our inflatable pool and a sprinkler have gotten a lot of use this hot week


Shauna said...

Having a backyard is on my list of must-haves for our next house. Looks so fun!