crockpot recipes

This year our church starts at 1pm and ends at 4pm.  Besides completely ruining Jillian's nap, this time also kills dinner prep because by the time we get home at 4:30 we want dinner immediately.  And thus the crockpot has become my best friend.  (side note: I'm a little bit of a fast-talker and the first time I said "crockpot" Bryan thought I said "crack pot" and so now Bryan will often ask what I'm cooking in my crack pot.)

Thanks to pinterest, there is an abundance of crockpot recipes to be found.  The trick is to find the good ones.  Here is what we have tried in the past few weeks:

Crockpot Enchilada Soup- We loved this soup.  I will say, however, that it made a lot and we got tired of the leftovers before being able to finish them all.  So next time I would either halve it, or invite someone over to eat with us.

Crockpot Cheese Tortellini- The description on Pinterest says it's "THE BEST crockpot meal I've tried yet."  I'm not quite ready to call it the very best, but it was amazing.  And, the leftovers tasted even better to me than it did on the first day.  I only used 1/2 pound of sausage and saved the other 1/2 for pizza night on Friday.

Creamy Country Chicken with Vegetables- This was only so-so.  Granted, I accidentally only bought one package of the gravy mix instead of two, so we were lacking in flavor.  And, it may have been user error and not recipe error since our biggest complaint was super mushy vegetables and dry chicken.  But, I don't think we'll be trying it again anytime soon.

EASY crockpot chicken and stuffing- This was very basic and good.  Some of the stuffing burned so I would probably add more than just 1/4 cup water next time.  

We've also had Creamy Crockpot Chicken, a recipe given to us by our good friend Suzie when we got married.  We have had this easy, yummy recipe many, many, many times in the past 5.5 years.
4 chicken breasts
8 oz cream cheese
1 packet of Good Seasons Italian dressing (powder)
2 cans cream of chicken soup
garlic to taste
egg noodles

Put everything but the egg noodles into the crock pot and let simmer for 4 hours.  Serve over cooked egg noodles.

What crockpot gems have you found?


Janssen said...

I'm dying to try that second soup!

Glad you liked the enchilada soup, even if the leftovers were a bit much :)

Jana said...

I always freeze half our enchilada soup as soon as I make it, that way I don't get sick of it after days of leftovers! One of our go to crockpot meals is salsa chicken - frozen chicken, jar of salsa, serve in warm tortillas with taco toppings. There is also a fiesta chicken recipe going around which is delicious. Similar idea, more goodies and served over rice.

Lisa Michelle said...

It's 11 and this post is making me starving. I want that tortellini STAT. Maybe I can convince Amanda to make it while I'm in Utah... I wish I had a good crock pot recipe. My favorite is probably the french dip beef sandwiches for our best bites, but it makes a lot. I usually make it for the missionaries because they like their meat (but I guess you have sister missionaries...). Anyway, loved this post.